About Me

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Kristy, the soul of Wild Heart Apothecary.

This particular part of my journey was created from my personal connection to water, my love for healing work and meditation.

My products first started with 3 Energy Clearing bath salt ritual blends.  Reign on Me, Work of Heart and Bind(ed) by the Light - All 3 of them are some of our best sellers!

As spring arrived, so did the local markets. This is where I discovered something special. My ability to connect with people, and their stories - my booth at markets became a safe space for people to come and talk, connect and gift themselves healing in another form.

I now have a total of 25 handmade healing products, and carry a few other goodies for the soul.

Outside of the workshop, you can find me in the trees accompanied by my 2 girls, with our hearts wide open to the universe.

I am an energy worker, a truth teller, a healer if you prefer. I have certifications in Usui Reiki, Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Therapeutic Art Coaching and I adore helping people become the best versions of themselves with my Spiritual Alignment work.

I come from the ashes of a thousand battles won.

I am a being of light, and it is with utmost honour and gratitude that I am able to share my gifts, my journey, and my magic with you.

Thank you for visiting.