Q- How do you use your bath salt rituals?

A-  All of our Bath Salt Rituals come with suggested instructions on the back label.  We highly suggest that you place the salts and crystal in the tub as it's running, so everything has time to infuse into the water.

Q- How many baths does one bag do?

A- This question comes up a lot.  We always suggest a 2 bath maximum.  If you choose to ration it out more, you are risking diluting the product, and it’s properties. 

Q- What makes your product different from other bath salts and oil rollers ect?

A- Our products are carefully and mindfully crafted.  The entire process of creation is incredibly sacred to Kristy.  Sage cleansing happens multiple times before, during and after creation.  They are charged under the full and/or new moons, and each product is lovingly infused with Reiki.  The energy used to create this product is always of a pure and positive nature.  Every aspect is tailored to rid any negative energy from you, and support your energetic and spiritual healing. 


Q- Why is there a 2 week minimum production wait?

A- Because we work with the Full and New Moon phases, this 2 week period allows for manufacturing, charging and cleansing practices.  We will NOT compromise the integrity of our products.  They are worth the wait!

Q- I don't know what products are for me, how do I pick them?

A- The easiest way we suggest purchasing is by using your intuition.  Our products will speak to you.  Otherwise, you can decide based on our descriptions!  Purchasing a gift and don't know what to pick?  Grab a gift card!  

Q- How do your products work to heal?

A-Every aspect of our products are tailored to rid any negative energy from you, and support energetic and spiritual healing.  All items are created with the intention of healing, and have been masterfully blended around the energetic hubs, called Chakras.

Q- Do you do custom blend orders?

A- Short answer is no.  However, if there is something very special you would like, or a unique wholesale order, please reach out to us via email @ wildheartapothecaryyc@gmail.com  to discuss the possibility.

Q- Where do you ship to?

A-  We currently ship within Canada, to the USA and the United Kingdom.

Q- Where do you get your material for your products? Where are your products manufactured?

A- As we try to support our economy as much as possible, almost 100% of our materials are sourced locally, here in Calgary Alberta, with the minor exception of a couple of items that are brought in from our neighbouring province, British Columbia.

Q- How do you clean your tub after using the Bath Salt Rituals?

A-  Great question!  Some people dont mind floating in the botanicals, but others do.  Especially if you are pressed for time, and cleaning up isn't an option.  In this case, we have included a soaking bag with every Ritual.  This will save your tub, and your time!

Q- Can I use your products instead of seeing a therapist or psychologist?

A-  You can use our products as a tool to increase your healing capabilities, however, we do not advise replacing them with this kind of help without speaking to a doctor and/or mental health professional first.



Wild Heart Apothecary is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information or products contained within this website. As always we suggest you check with your doctors recommendations before use, especially if pregnant.